The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM is a silver metallic stand mixer. It can hold up to five quarts in its mixing bowl. You can find this model for an average price of $300. Keep reading to learn about some of its other features.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM stand mixer is packaged with a brushed stainless steel bowl. It has a maximum capacity of five quarts. Also, the bowl is fitted with a sturdy contoured handle so that you can conveniently take it around.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM also features a bowl-lift design. This helps lift the bowl into mixing position after you have filled it with ingredients. The mixer also includes a one-piece pouring shield to keep ingredients from splattering everywhere.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM stand mixer is fitted with a direct-drive transmission and 325 watt motor. There is a slide-control feature so that you can adjust the speed to one of ten different settings. They range from a slow stir to a fast whip. Also, the soft start feature helps minimize splatter during startup.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM offers unique mixing action. The shaft is designed to spin counter-clockwise while the beater spins clockwise. This coupled with its planetary action helps ensure that all ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM stand mixer is packaged with a few accessories. They include a burnished metal flat beater and a wire whip. You’re also provided with a burnished metal “C” dough hook which helps you knead dough when making pizza or bread.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM is available in a variety of colors. They include white, onyx black, silver metallic, and empire red. The mixer is equipped with a power hub so that you can connect other attachments. It is backed by a one year warranty.

The Kitchenaid KSM500PSSM stand mixer is coupled with a brushed stainless steel bowl that can hold up to five quarts at a time. The 325-watt motor can power the machine at ten different speeds. You’re also provided with a wire whip, burnished metal flat beater, and burnished metal “C” dough hook.

If you are considering investing your money in buying an excellent meat grinder here is the right product for you. The Gourmia GMG7500 Prime Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder is one of the most suitable product that you can get. It surely is able to offer you the efficient and high-quality usage throughout its lifetime as stated by Delicious.


Gourmia GMG7500It has been approved by all the safety and usage standards and is offering you the high quality services. This meant grinding machine is completely made up of the strong metals and materials. This is precisely done to make sure that there it does not wear out soon and is able to provide you durable services. It also offers a recipe book as well in order to provide you new ideas of experimenting dishes. This machine is able to provide you different kind of grinding with the help of the three different blades packages that are included. It is extremely easy to be operated by anyone and also provides you the controls to make the adjustments accordingly. The assembling of this grinding machine is extremely easy and takes no effort to be completed. You need not waste any of your efforts or more time in the cleaning of this grinding machine; as this task is also made extremely easy for the users. It can be ideally used for cutting meant pieces for hash, meat loaf, meatball and the burgers.


  • This device is approved by the ETL and has been assured to offer you the high quality meat grinding.
  • It uses different kind of metal gears in order to provide you the grinding even for the tough meat.
  • You can easily create different kind of sausages with this device; as it comes along with three different stuffing tubes.
  • The outer area of this meat grinder is properly finished in order to provide you the durable services.


  • The removable parts of this meat grinder are not at all dishwasher safe.
  • Only the plates and knives used in this grinder are made up of stainless steel.


If you love your meat finely and perfectly grinded the Gourmia GMG7500 Prime Plus Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder is the right product for you t invest in. This product has proven to be a reliable one. It is known to offer durable and efficient services for the users.